THEMIS•Z Inspiration4All is a social responsibility program targeted at children and focused on education. Our goal is to offer kids and teens the opportunity to learn drawing and painting techniques and develop creative skills.

The program includes two primary areas of action: the provision of free educational opportunities to children and teens in the field of Arts & Design; and the pro-bono provision of professional services for infrastructure development projects that support child education, as per the environmental design and installation standard (ESID).

Visual Arts & Design Workshops

THEMIS•Z Inspiration4All has launched with a Visual Arts & Design Workshop program, targeted at Κ-12 children of remote Greek islands of the Aegean Sea. The workshops are organized in collaboration with local government authorities, who kindly offer the venue for the workshops, and the Aegean Team NPO, whose mission is to improve the quality of life of the population in the Aegean Archipelago.

Our Partners

THEMIS•Z actively engages suppliers, employees, customers and the local communities to offer their support to the Inspiration4All program.

Good Business & Social Responsibility

THEMIS•Z advocates Greek collaborators, materials and makers, sourcing the very best suppliers and craftsmen across the country and striving to preserve high quality traditional craftmanship.

Our Impact

THEMIS•Z Inspiration4All program has positive impact in local communities that lack basic infrastructure and resources, providing an appropriate environment for individuals to live and evolve and securing a sustainable future.