Valentine's Inspiration

Valentines art de la table for me is all about RED, so let’s start from this!

If you have red crockery, just use it. It’s a beautiful way to make a romantic breakfast in bed or out of it. Use your red coffee cups or mugs, combine them with red cereal bowls and don’t forget to add a flower. I love the stereotypical but, oh so beautiful, red roses. Just add one red rose to his/her morning plate and voilà, perfection! I usually place it inside the napkin ring, it’s a wonderful way to start Valentines without being too much.

Now going to the table setting, whether it’s for lunch or dinner generally more is more when it comes to candles. Light them on, even if it’s for lunch. They can only add atmosphere to the setting. Small tea lights are one option or get out your tall candleholders and add the red long candles. I find it so romantic and extremely elegant!

Flowers are also super important. It doesn’t have to be red flowers, it can be any type of them. I usually buy mine from our local market and I just place them in small vases without a specific color plan. Believe me, they will always come out beautifully. 

For Valentines, I usually use a white tablecloth so that my red crockery can stand out, then as far as the napkins are concerned I can use color. Personally, I like to use our Peacock gold linen napkins as a touch of gold makes it more formal and elegant, but any napkins you may have with embroidery could work nicely. 

My little touch is that I add small heart chocolates on my table, I buy a packet that has many small red ones and I just lay them as many as possible (the more, the better) on the table between the flowers and the candles.

The most important thing for Valentines for me is beautiful music (don’t forge to turn on!), dimmed lights in your dining room or wherever you will be dining and lots and lots of candles and love!

Have a wonderful Valentines,