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Discover our new covetable A/W '18/'19 Collection

Dear friends,

Imagine a season full of flowy silhouettes, silk and crepe fabrics, slouchy knitwear, wool and cashmere capes and coats in a mute, earthy palette. Imagine a wardrobe of sensual elegance, accessories made up of handmade bags in soft suede or chic pony, wool hats and leather belts that become must-have accessories to complete every sophisticated look.

A strong and unparalleled chic synthesis in a whole range of earthy colors, imposing animal prints, luxury fabrics and the finest materials to enliven every woman's wardrobe. A metropolitan cool style speaks a fashion language without frontiers. A style dedicated to the modern, confident woman!

Explore our new A/W '18/'19 collection.


Welcome the new Ready-to-Wear collection

Dear friends, 

'For me THEMIS • Z represents an entire lifestyle. A brand that combines simplicity and elegance in such a way that results in the purest form of what luxury stands for. For this reason the evolution of the brand along with the addition of a new ready-to-wear line that reveals a sophisticated aesthetic occurred as a completely natural process.

As the summer of 2018 approaches, I am excited to introduce my complete resort collection that will boast a range of garments from elegant capes and silk tops with spaghetti straps in colorful shades and nudes to show-stopping long white kaftans in silk linen blend as well as maxi skirts adorned with colouful repetitive patterns. 

From geometric prints to relaxed silhouettes and single pieces to add to your wardrobe, consider this collection the perfect chance to refresh your summer attire and fall in love with your new summer essentials. 

Understated elegance and ethereal beauty are key themes this season and the pieces found in this collection are designed to embody precisely that, becoming must-have pieces that will instantly elevate every sun kissed appearance.

Enjoy the summer ride in the most elegant and whimsical way! 




Dear friends, 

 Bringing life and adding a fashionable touch to dining tables is one of my greatest passions in homeware design. Tablewares can transform the entire atmosphere of a dinner, bring joy at lunch, creating the perfect setting for the meal that lies ahead - allowing for emotions to flow and preparing the mind for the experience of taste. 

From my Fall '17 tableware collection, the Kyklos design has captivated my heart due to its bold and passionate colour, fine material and harmonious design. 

Delicate, rare and fragile, the Kyklos tableware design is made of fine porcelain making it even more appropriate for a formal occasion. Homocentric, abstract hand-painted circles become a beautiful expression of symmetry and wholeness, whilst its deep, burgundy hues add a sophisticated touch. 

The white fine porcelain becomes the perfect canvas for this harmonious pattern, whilst its elegant design adds a unique and luxurious touch to your dining set.

Enjoy dinner time with friends and indulge in the fine art of tableware. 




Dear friends, 

I am so happy and proud to announce that the first THEMIS • Z flagship store has officially launched in Gstaad, a winter destination I hold close to my heart. 

A champagne Cocktail party and a festive atmosphere set the scene for the launch of the brand’s first Flagship store, where with great pleasure I had the honor to welcome my guests.

The official opening took place on January 2nd 2018, a spectacular occasion that had the charm and glamour only too familiar to the international jet setters.

Grand personalities from Greece staying in Gstaad, celebrities as well as all the jet setters of the Swiss Alps gathered and together we celebrated the opening of my first flagship store – referred to as a gem amongst this fairytale scenery in Gstaad.

Having been present in Greece and abroad for the past two years, I feel that THEMIS • Z is now ready to spread its wings, opening its arms wholeheartedly to welcome one of the most high end clienteles worldwide, setting the bar very high and promising for even greater things ahead. 



The Infinity Clutch

Dear friends, 

Choosing a design from the new Fall 17 THEMIS •Z handbag collection truly is a tough decision, since I love each and every one of them. There is, however, a design that will always fascinate me and be a favorite of mine for it epitomizes our feminine nature. The stylish, graceful and chic clutch bag.

Why I love it

Chic. Feminine. Everlasting.
The Infinity clutch bag in black and leopard ponyskin is a bag that will instantly revamp both your daytime and evening looks. Sporting luscious black suede and a hot leopard print, its classic size and decorative tassel is sure to be your must-have accessory this fall.

I love to combine it with a head-to-toe black outfit, adding a playful touch to the look with the characteristic Infinity rectangular leopard print motif.
This Fall i would like to mix and match different fabrics and materials, accentuate minimal motives starring in the handbag collection and play with the dominant colour palette of the season.

Black, brown, elephant, burgundy all in materials of suede and leather with ponyskin composing a collection of handbags that is eternal, upgrading your look and adding to it a sense of unparalleled elegance.


Dior Maison x Themis Zouganeli

A dream came true!

Dear friends,

There are some moments in one’s life that occur and when they do you immediately pinch yourself just to make sure you are not dreaming but truly living. That’s exactly what happened last February when creative director for Dior Maison, Cordelia de Castellane, asked me to become a member of her design team at the historic Home department of Dior.

My trip to Paris and my visit to Dior was an experience of a lifetime. The brief I was given had one request, prompting me to use the colours of white and blue, the latter being a colour deeply rooted in the history of the fashion house, yet no limits where placed on my creativity and imagination.

I was given the opportunity to look through the historic files of the fashion house and take inspiration from the symbols and motifs much loved and once used by the “Designer of Dreams” himself, Monsieur Dior. After submitting twelve designs decorated with stars and butterflies among others, but also more abstract compositions, the French fashion house chose two complementary motifs and the collection ‘Scorpios’ found itself being displayed in boutiques across London, Paris and Monaco.

The collection ‘Scorpios’ includes dinner and dessert plates, serving bowls, platters, tea mugs and espresso cups and is sold out just two months since being launched. The two Scodesigns patterns are very Dior, simultaneously though they create a refreshing antithesis with other THEMIS • Z designs, which tend to display a slightly more delicate beauty.

I feel a great responsibility, but also endless joy and pride that I am part of such an emblematic fashion house. I design for Dior and from now on my designs will travel to Dior Maison two to three times per year.


Pop Up Store at the Belvedere Hotel

Dear friends, 

Just before the new season commences and I reveal to you my latest collections, made with the finest of leathers and materials and colored with an autumnal palette, I take a moment to relive and reminisce the summer that passed. I decided to create my own Pop Up store and an event that had the scent of the sea and procured the authentic Myconian aura, the one I have grown to love and adore so much, the one which triggered the creation of the THEMIS • Z brand.

Located in the uniquely designed breakfast area of the Belvedere Hotel in Mykonos, next to the hotel's shop where my creations are hosted, our Cycladic Pop Up store was set up for two days on August 3 and 4, 2017.

On a sweet summer evening, accompanied by a refreshing breeze, the relaxing beats of lounge music and signature cocktails, I welcomed dear friends, business and showbiz personalities, people from the art scene, as well as brand enthusiasts who wanted to join in on the celebration for my summer Pop Up store.

Elegant friends and guests chose canvas and leather bags with the characteristic Infinity design of THEMIS • Z, wicker baskets in earthy colors and the blue of the Aegean Sea and accompanied them with Panama hand-painted hats, all to be taken with on their holidays. For their summer houses they chose to combine pieces from the Maze, Serenity and Kyma tableware collection, creating the most serene yet playful art de la table. The Kleio candle, with its effortless and dreamy summer scent, will be keeping us warm all year round, bringing back our most cherished memories from Greece in the summer.

A harmonious yet cosmopolitan aura was ever present, as was my joy and honor to be given the opportunity to host my Pop Up store in one of the most luxurious and emblematic hotels of this magical island. The first person to understand and believe in the philosophy of my brand was Nicolas Ioannidis, owner of Belvedere hotel, a hotel that supported my brand from day one and stands as one of the first places where one could find my THEMIS • Z creations. It was a natural and easy choice to collaborate with my favorite hotel and I look forward to next summer and what lies ahead.




Dear friends

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the world of THEMIS•Z. 

I think my first journal has to be about the experiences, the feelings and a vast collection of images that led me to create this lifestyle brand. 

First on my list has to be the beautiful island of Mykonos which is instilled in me and remains a huge part of my life having spent summers there year after year. An island that stands for elegance, freedom, joie de vivre, simplicity, hospitality, fun, and indeed a more laissez-faire attitude to life. It is a lifestyle that can be transported all over the world from the Swiss Alps and Athens to London and New York, charming anyone who wishes to adopt these aspects in their own life.  

Next come my experiences as an interior designer. Having designed custom made furniture and decorated a large number of domestic interiors I realized that although beautiful, these homes lacked warmth. This is what I wanted to work on in my new projects and encouraged me to pursue this dream of creating my own collection of home and lifestyle accessories. 

All THEMIS • Z creations are designed to add a touch of warmth, unique textures, purity of design and an element of fashion to everyday living. 

Meaningful patterns and subtle hues, such as the Infinity square motif which I use on all my bag line and an organic colour palette, that symbolize positive energy and harmonious emotions as the embodiment of easy living in style.