The SCORPIOS Collection 

Themis Zouganeli designs for the emblematic House of Dior Maison, a collection that has been characterised by the British press as "the epitome of Greek chic”.


The story of the collaboration between Greek designer Themis Zouganeli and the iconic French House of Dior began in February 2016 when Cordelia de Castellane, artistic director of Dior Maison, proposed that Themis be the creator of a tableware collection for the House. 
The brief in Paris simply included the use of the colour blue - a hue deeply linked to the history of Dior - while they placed no limits on the designer’s imaginative vision.
Looking back at the archives of the House, Themis Zouganeli was inspired by the symbols and motifs that Monsier Dior had used and she presented a series of classic, Dior-inspired designs as well as an array of more abstract patterns. The French House chose the two complementary circular motifs and so it was the hand-painted “Scorpios” tableware collection entered the Dior Maison family.
The "Skorpios" collection, made of fine porcelain and adorned with the hand-painted repetitive circular patterns inspired by Cycladic architecture, includes food and dessert plates, serving bowls, platters and both tea and espresso cups. 
 The HYDRA Collection 



Greek designer Themis Zouganeli partners once again with the emblematic House of Dior Maison designing under the creative direction of Cordelia De Castellane the new "Hydra" tableware collection. 

Wanting to transpose the true essence of Greek summer that dominates the historic island of Hydra, the collection features delicate sea  drops that turn into impressive flower petals and homocentric circles reminiscent of the mind-trapping motif of the ancient Greek pattern of a spiral, all submerged in light blue and terracotta hues. 

Inspired by the unique architecture of Hydra, the island that perfectly combines grand nobility with simplicity, Themis Zouganeli observes the landscape that is uniquely built up of Manor houses and transfers the characteristic color of the traditional argil mortar used in these very Mansions to create the new tableware   collection THEMIS Z x Dior MAISON.