an amazing new collaboration: zonars by themis •z

Dear friends, 

Feeling especially honored and happy to announce my latest collaboration with Panas Group and the legendary Zonars Athens, where in the past you could meet Melina Merkouri and Manos Hatzidakis among its guests, whilst on the next table you would find Minos Argyrakis sketching away.

For Zonars, the most renowned cafe-restaurant in the heart of Athens, it was only a matter of time before it decided to create its very own bespoke tableware collection of fine porcelain. And as a consequence Chrysanthos Panas chose me to create one. 

Inspired by the rich hues and the curved repetitive motifs found in the Art Deco style that still dominates the interiors of the cafe today, I created a tableware collection that bridges the past with the present reflecting the glorious history of Zonars. Using a deep burgundy hue, a color associated with luxury, and wanting to create an harmonious effect I adorned the collection with a repetitive sequence of circles - an abstract expression of Art Deco patterns. 

The Panas Group aspires to be unique and considers this integral to its identity,
the same goes for my brand THEMIS •Z, where unique patterns tell a fascinating story of their own. It seemed natural to create a unique tableware collection that speaks for itself, evoking the luxurious simplicity that is necessary to be found in moments of our daily life to feel unique ourselves.