dior maison x themis zouganeli

A dream came true!

Dear friends,

There are some moments in one’s life that occur and when they do you immediately pinch yourself just to make sure you are not dreaming but truly living. That’s exactly what happened last February when creative director for Dior Maison, Cordelia de Castellane, asked me to become a member of her design team at the historic Home department of Dior.

My trip to Paris and my visit to Dior was an experience of a lifetime. The brief I was given had one request, prompting me to use the colours of white and blue, the latter being a colour deeply rooted in the history of the fashion house, yet no limits where placed on my creativity and imagination.

I was given the opportunity to look through the historic files of the fashion house and take inspiration from the symbols and motifs much loved and once used by the “Designer of Dreams” himself, Monsieur Dior. After submitting twelve designs decorated with stars and butterflies among others, but also more abstract compositions, the French fashion house chose two complementary motifs and the collection ‘Scorpios’ found itself being displayed in boutiques across London, Paris and Monaco.

The collection ‘Scorpios’ includes dinner and dessert plates, serving bowls, platters, tea mugs and espresso cups and is sold out just two months since being launched. The two Scodesigns patterns are very Dior, simultaneously though they create a refreshing antithesis with other THEMIS • Z designs, which tend to display a slightly more delicate beauty.

I feel a great responsibility, but also endless joy and pride that I am part of such an emblematic fashion house. I design for Dior and from now on my designs will travel to Dior Maison two to three times per year.