harmonious kyklos tableware


Dear friends, 

 Bringing life and adding a fashionable touch to dining tables is one of my greatest passions in homeware design. Tablewares can transform the entire atmosphere of a dinner, bring joy at lunch, creating the perfect setting for the meal that lies ahead - allowing for emotions to flow and preparing the mind for the experience of taste. 

From my Fall '17 tableware collection, the Kyklos design has captivated my heart due to its bold and passionate colour, fine material and harmonious design. 

Delicate, rare and fragile, the Kyklos tableware design is made of fine porcelain making it even more appropriate for a formal occasion. Homocentric, abstract hand-painted circles become a beautiful expression of symmetry and wholeness, whilst its deep, burgundy hues add a sophisticated touch. 

The white fine porcelain becomes the perfect canvas for this harmonious pattern, whilst its elegant design adds a unique and luxurious touch to your dining set.

Enjoy dinner time with friends and indulge in the fine art of tableware.