Dear friends

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the world of THEMIS•Z. 

I think my first journal has to be about the experiences, the feelings and a vast collection of images that led me to create this lifestyle brand. 

First on my list has to be the beautiful island of Mykonos which is instilled in me and remains a huge part of my life having spent summers there year after year. An island that stands for elegance, freedom, joie de vivre, simplicity, hospitality, fun, and indeed a more laissez-faire attitude to life. It is a lifestyle that can be transported all over the world from the Swiss Alps and Athens to London and New York, charming anyone who wishes to adopt these aspects in their own life.  

Next come my experiences as an interior designer. Having designed custom made furniture and decorated a large number of domestic interiors I realized that although beautiful, these homes lacked warmth. This is what I wanted to work on in my new projects and encouraged me to pursue this dream of creating my own collection of home and lifestyle accessories. 

All THEMIS • Z creations are designed to add a touch of warmth, unique textures, purity of design and an element of fashion to everyday living. 

Meaningful patterns and subtle hues, such as the Infinity square motif which I use on all my bag line and an organic colour palette, that symbolize positive energy and harmonious emotions as the embodiment of easy living in style.