my favourite locations in gstaad!

 The Palace Hotel is definitely one of the main landmarks of Gstaad. Situated at the top of Oberbort it is an unmissable point of reference indicating you have arrived in this beautiful village

The Palace Lobby is certainly a place where one goes to see and be seen. With an enormous cosy fireplace, that is always lit and spreading warmth, and the wonderful bar, the lobby is definitely the most sought after place for afternoon tea, pre-dinner drinks or even better post dinner drinks. In the peak season it can carry on into the night with endless dancing and a live music band that appears playing various tunes, golden oldies and modern hits that get the spirits going. For me there is nothing more magical than sipping your drink and watching the snow falling from the large windows that surround the room. 

Another Must Go-to place at the Palace is the Fromagerie restaurant on the lower ground floor. Beautiful Swiss decoration that is typical of this region and to accompany it, my favourite choice on the menu, fondue au champagne, you can't go wrong! Beware the scent of cheese will linger on but it's so worth it!

The Grill is another landmark restaurant of the Palace where you will find the best steak in town! My favourite occasion at the Grill is on New Year's Day where we go every year for lunch as a family, with its wonderful buffet and amazing tradition of  bells ringing throughout the room. A parade of local farmers each carrying a huge bell that they ring, each one with the name of their respective region, a wonderful and unique New Years day Tradition.

Of course a little boogie at the legendary Greengo nightclub is not to be missed. You will find a varied age group, from Le Rose students to an elegant older crowd - that's what makes all the fun! And of course, a dip in the stunning and luxurious outdoor pool of the spa. Don't miss the opportunity to swim in the soothing water that is 25 degrees, and the most magical moment when you swim while the snow falls around you - just like a winter fairytale!