Fall Art de la Table

Autumn for me means the beginning of cosy nights by the fire,
the changing of the leaves to myriad of red hues,
the smell of change in the air and the entrance of pumpkins and orange colored decorations for our table top!

For the whole of October I create centerpieces for my tables adorned with
orange and dark red flowers, as well as small hints harvest with bunches of ears of corn, giving a beautiful feeling of the change of seasons!.
Ofcourse for Halloween we top it up with small and large pumpkin decorations
one can find easily in any decorations store.
Don’t be afraid to go over the top here with as many decorations as possible,
and lots of candle light.
I suggest tall candle holders giving a bit of a gothic feel to your Halloween table top,
the more candlelight the better!

Once autumn comes, my favorite collection to use is our green Peacock collection.
The beautiful rich hues and the combination of the darker greens
just give a unique elegance and warmth to the table!
It also blends in so perfectly with orange, red and all fall colors you may choose to add.
Tea time by the fire for fall is also elevated with our peacock tea cups and new tea pot sets!!
One can just smell warm fall air and beautiful dinners indoors easing into the winter!